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Welcome on the Internet site of Kung Fu!  

Unique in region Zwolle and Apeldoorn!

Master Akbari breaks stones by head


On this Internet site you find information about the Kung Fu school of master Akbari and about one of the Kung Fu styles: Kung Fu Toa. You know this sport of course of films of well-known masters as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. But it is more than only fighting. Kung Fu is multi-purpose because the emphasis strongly lies on a good condition. Also self-defence plays a very important role in Kung Fu and for this reason is correctly this sport also a must for women. For girls and women a specifically optional programme is available, where the emphasis lies on movements which must be fluently and beautiful.

Show in town hall of Apeldoorn

On saturday the 24th March 2007 this sportschool have had a show in the town hall of Apeldoorn. It was very successful; the much spectators (among them mayor G.J. de Graaf and his wife) enjoy oneself. Movies of this show are here to download.

Movies to download:

Show gemeentehuis Apeldoorn